All of a Sudden

After the party in Karsten’s apartment, everybody leaves except Anna. Admiringly, Karsten approaches this mysterious woman. How could he have known, that in a moment of weakness, his well-established life would spiral out of control and turn into a disaster? In this small provincial German town, disappointment soon fuels anger, justice hides behind hypocrisy, and evil gradually unfolds.



Directed by 

Asli Özge

Written by 

Asli Özge

Original Title 

Auf Einmal

  • Year 
  • 2015
  • Language 
  • German
  • Director 
  • Asli Özge
  • Screenplay 
  • Asli Özge
  • Cast 
  • Sebastian Hülk, Julia Jentsch, Hanns Zischler, Sascha Alexander Gersak, Luise Heyer, Natalia Belitski, Lea Drager, Atef Vogel, Christoph Gawenda
  • Producer(s) 
  • EEE Film (Fabian Massah)
  • Co-producer(s) 
  • Haut et Court, Topkapi Films
  • Sound design 
  • Jan Schermer

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