AFUA selected for Talent Development Program “Centraal”

Centraal replaces the talent development program: One Night Stand. In this six-part drama series, every episode will be created by a different team of directors, screenwriters and producers. The episodes will all be stand-alone projects, but they all have one thing in common: they meet each other at Rotterdam Central Station. During the writing process of Centraal, the teams work as a group under directions of screenwriter Mieke de Jong to tie the six screenplays together.


Afua is written by Ilse Ott and will be directed by Sia Hermanides:

When Afua can’t go on a school trip, she feels angry and alone. The whole world – and especially her mother – can go to hell. But then she bumps into the few years older Naz, who offers her a way to an alternative thrill.


Other selected projects are:


Beenlampan – Screenplay by: Emily Reekers & Kurt Platvoet, director: Kurt Platvoet, Produced by: Keplerfilm


Kármánlijn – Screenwriter and director: Maurice de Bruijne, produced by: Dutch Mountain Film


Khata – Screenwriter and director: Aiman Hassani, produced by: Inerakt


Teef – screenplay by: Randy Oost, director: Laurens Jans, produced by: Keplerfilm


Wat je vindt, mag je houden – screenplay by: Nina Spijkers, director: Myranda Jongeling, produced by: Fiction Valley



The films will be produced in co-production with NTR, BNNVARA and VPRO.