Thinking of shooting (part of) your feature film or high end TV-series in the Netherlands?

We offer a 30% cash rebate on Dutch spend by international film or drama productions. Additional advantages of shooting in the Netherlands: competitively priced & English-speaking crews, first class logistical infrastructure and a wide diversity of interior and exterior film locations.


Is the cash rebate for you?

The Netherlands Film Production Incentive applies to feature length films with at least a 1 million euro budget (a minimum budget of € 600,000 is possible, subject to certain conditions), drama series with a minimum budget of € 12.000 per minute and documentary series with a budget of at least € 3.500 per minute. The minimum Dutch production spend is 100.000 euro. At least 50% of the financing should be in place at the time of applying. A standardized point system is used to assess whether a production meets sufficient criteria to qualify for the program. For more information: Netherlands Filmfonds Production Incentive.


Topkapi Films as your production service partner

International producers may apply for the cash rebate through an established Dutch producer.

Topkapi Films since 1996 produced over 100 (international) film and television productions. We offer:

– Free advice on your potential cash rebate advantage

– In-depth expertise on co-producing and organizing your shoot abroad

– Top of the line service producers, fixers and production crew

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Lets get in touch

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