CHILDHOOD DREAMS and PSYCHOLOGY OF CON ARTISTS supported by Production Incentive

PSYCHOLOGY OF CON ARTISTS (Victor Vroegindeweij) and CHILDHOOD DREAMS (Bram Schouw) are supported by the Netherlands Production Incentive for high-end TV-series. The Netherlands Production Incentive offers a 30% cash rebate on eligible Dutch spend.

PSYCHOLOGY OF CON ARTISTS (nonfiction), a six-part documentary series is an exciting journey through the minds of notorious fraudsters. Through testimonials from perpetrators, victims and behavioral scientists, viewers might recognize more of themselves than they would care to admit. The series receives € 215.063 support. in coproduction with Autentic (DE).

CHILDHOOD DREAMS (drama), receives € 1.445.488 support. This series tells the story of four kids from a rural family who are each fighting for their individual freedom, against the backdrop of the impetuous developments in the past fifty years, in the Netherlands. They, in turn, shall be confronted with the next generation that creates its own ideals and will fight its own battle. Written by Marnie Blok and Charles den Tex, in coproduction with KRONCRV.