DO selected for Film Fund Shorts

Within the framework of talent development, The Dutch Film Fund has selected 8 short films and one short documentary out of 35 projects. Each selected project receives a contribution of €30.000.


Do, written and directed by Daan Groot, tells the story of eleven-year-old Tim, who suffers from depression. Together with his invisible friend Do, he flees to a fantasy world on the beach. But Do turns out to be a mischievous friend, who tries to lure Tim out of reality, into the sea.


Other Selected Projects are:

Written and directed by: Jan Verdijk
Producent: The Rogues

Het Juk
Written and directed by: Nico van den Brink
Producent: NL Film & TV

Ik, Adonis
Written and directed by: Angelo Raaijmakers
Producent: PRPL

Korte Kuitspier

Written and directed by: Victoria Warmerdam
Producent: OAK Motion Pictures


Written and directed by: Finn Szumlas
Producent: Phanta Film Development


Written and directed by: Michael Middelkoop
Producent: DPPLR

The Man Who Changed in Appearance

Written and directed by: Max Lunter
Producent: Stichting Natte Haring

Show Us Your Smile (documentaire)
Written and directed by: Nicky Maas
Producent: Copper Views


All films will be produced and released within the next twelve months.