Muis gathers her sisters Ted, Carlos and Lian around her when her lung cancer is stated as terminal.
Powerless, with great humour and in deep sorrow they struggle with the inevitable. Between loving
gestures and endearing attempts to make most of life while it’s still there, rough edges of the sisters’
characters are uncovered. The differences between their four personalities surface when they try to
prepare for the irrevocable loss they are facing.  They deal with the upcoming death silently, witty,
unreasonable and loud, painfully honest, together and alone.


Frailer tries to grasp their journey by exploring the boundaries between fiction and reality. It captures
the way we face death and shows the anguishing realness of an involuntary farewell. It makes Frailer
an unforgettable honest film, unlike a film you’ve ever seen before.


A film by: Leonoor Pauw, Marnie Blok, Adelheid Roosen, Lieneke Le Roux, Mijke de Jong, Jolein Laarman, Ton Peters, Dorith Vinken, Ellen Havenith 



Directed by 

Mijke de Jong

Original Title 


  • Year 
  • 2012-2013
  • Length 
  • 89'
  • Language 
  • Dutch
  • Distributor 
  • Cinemien
  • Director 
  • Mijke de Jong
  • Cast 
  • Leonoor Pauw, Marnie Blok, Adelheid Roosen, Lieneke Le Roux
  • Producer(s) 
  • Topkapi Films (Frans van Gestel, Arnold Heslenfeld, Laurette Schillings), PRPL (Ellen Havenith)
  • Co-producer(s) 
  • Director of Photography 
  • Ton Peters
  • Production design 
  • Jolein Laarman
  • Editor 
  • Dorith Vinken
  • Sound design 
  • Mark Glynne
  • Film Music 
  • Rutger Reinders

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