Childhood Dreams 

Childhood Dreams

Childhood Dreams is a nine-part family saga, in which the inextricable genealogy of the characters takes center stage.

Young-adults, Carla, Max, Suus and Frans from the Wander family form the basis of the story: loves, marriages, births and deaths, moments of great joy and deep sorrow, of idealism, impetuosity, careers that succeed and/or fail, come and go. There is genuine commitment but also loneliness; great conviction and despair. Our characters face, each in their own way, existential questions that have become individual by the loss of faith. Family relationships become increasingly on edge through their personal developments during the story.



Directed by 

Remy van Heugten

Written by 

Marnie Blok, Charles den Tex

Original Title 

De Droom van de Jeugd

  • Length 
  • 9 x 50'
  • Language 
  • Dutch
  • Director 
  • Remy van Heugten
  • Screenplay 
  • Marnie Blok, Charles den Tex
  • Producer(s) 
  • Topkapi Films, KRO-NCRV