Because Els has only a few months more to live, Jan invites the two children, Bibi (40) and Nico (38) with their partners to a short holiday in a chalet in Tirol. A last happy family gathering. But soon slumbering old disagreements, going back to early childhood, are raked up. The atmosphere becomes vindictive, as the members of the family come face to face with the unvarnished truth, and the chalet rapidly turns into a slaughterhouse

Directed by 

Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen

Written by 

Maria Goos, Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen

Original Title 


  • Year 
  • 2001
  • Length 
  • 91 minutes
  • Language 
  • Duth
  • Cast 
  • Petra Laseur, Bram van der Vlugt, Anneke Blok, Mark Rietman, Marisa van Eyle, Bart Klever
  • Producer(s) 
  • Anton Smit, Hanneke Niens
  • Co-producer(s) 
  • NPS
  • Director of Photography 
  • Remco Bakker
  • Production design 
  • Harry Ammerlaan
  • Editor 
  • Wouter Jansen
  • Casting 
  • Jeanette Snik
  • Sound design 
  • Peter Warnier
  • Film Music 
  • Fons Merkies

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