Temmink: The Ultimate Fight 

Temmink: The Ultimate Fight

Sometime in the future. The government’s policy towards euthanasia and the public’s demand for extreme fights meet. People with these aggression genes go through a severe selection procedure and take part in in fights to the death broadcasted live on TV. Temmink is one of them.


Part of the Route 2000 series: four feature films by young talented filmmakers in which the millenium theme is the connecting element.

Directed by 

Boris Paval Conen

Written by 

Arend Steenbergen

Original Title 


  • Year 
  • 1998
  • Length 
  • 90'
  • Language 
  • Dutch
  • Cast 
  • Jack Wouterse, Cees Geel, Jacob Derwig, Joe Montana
  • Producer(s) 
  • Frans van Gestel, Jeroen Beker
  • Co-producer(s) 
  • VPRO
  • Director of Photography 
  • Danny Elsen
  • Editor 
  • Jef Hertoghs
  • Casting 
  • Kemna Casting
  • Sound design 
  • Bart Jilesen, Danny Weijermans
  • Art Direction 
  • Ruben Schwartz, Robert Jasper van der Hoop
  • Film Music 
  • Maurits Overdulve, Wiebe de Boer

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