The Life 

The Life

The Life (o.t. De Life) is a romantic and touching comedy about a group of mixed Dutch youngsters trying to make their way in life, while running the risk of derailing more and more.

Throughout the series, we witness five youngsters making some very wrong decisions for the right reasons. Thus, managing to get themselves into trouble repeatedly in each episode.

Directed by 

Giancarlo Sanchez

Written by 

Ashar Medina, Chris Westendorp & Esther Duysker

Original Title 

De Life

  • Director 
  • Giancarlo Sanchez
  • Screenplay 
  • Ashar Medina
  • Producer(s) 
  • Idse Grotenhuis, Laurette Schillings, Frans van Gestel, Arnold Heslenfeld
  • Co-producer(s)