Topkapi Stories goes backstage in a podcast not only about, but also with the creators of our films and series. We tell you why we love to make films by taking you along in the process from start to finish. Topkapi Stories is made by Fleur van den Breemer and Cathelijne Beijn.

#1 Mijke de Jong over GOD ONLY KNOWS

We duiken in het hoofd van Mijke de Jong, de regisseur van GOD ONLY KNOWS. Ze vertelt over het maakproces van deze bijzondere film.


About the hosts

  • Radio is dead. Long live Radio.
    Fleur has been working as a director, editor and producer for various radioshows for over fifteen years. She has worked for NPORadio1, NPORadio4, NPORadio 6 and Classic FM focussing on music and culture. From directing live broadcasts during North Sea Jazz Festival to making audioguides for concerts and producing podcasts about roadtripping in nature in The Netherlands: the love for audio is there. Besides making radio and podcasts, Fleur also regularly works for television channels NPO2 and NPO3 as an editor for tv shows, making portraits about young musicians and making festival reports.

  • Cathelijne started her radio career as a director and producer for Radio6 Soul & Jazz. Besides producing shows at the NTR studio she worked on several live broadcasts on location, such as the North Sea Jazz Festival, Festival Mundial and the Edison Gala. Further more Cathelijne produced and presented her very own music shows for local broadcasters in Rotterdam, such as Radio Rijnmond and Operator Radio. At the last edition of International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) she directed nine episodes of the 'Grote IFFR VPRO Podcast Show'. Besides working in radio and making podcasts for Topkapi Stories, Cathelijne is a journalist and copywriter.