Topkapi Films at the Netherlands Film Festival

Topkapi Films is present at the Netherlands Film Festival with the premier of the One Night Stand Tom Adelaar. Both the film and it’s leading actor Yannick Jozefzoon are nominated for a Golden Calf. Jouman Fatal, the leading actress of our television series Zuidas is also nominated for a Golden Calf.

Screening Schedule Tom Adelaar

Saturday  29-09            10:30h                Louis Hartlooper Complex, special screening as part of the event DECODED during which multiple films will be shown and Q&A’s will take place with the filmmakers including Tom Adelaars director (Gonzalo Fernandez) and screenwriter (Ashar Medina)

Sunday    30-09             15.00h                Premier, Rembrandt 1

Monday   01-10              19.15h                 Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 2, including Q&A with director Gonzalo Fernandez, writer Ashar Medina and leading actor Yannick Jozefzoon

Thursday 04-10             19.00h                Louis Hartlooper 2, including an after talk with the filmmakers

During the Film Festival two of our projects which are currently in development will be presented.

On Saturday 29.09 the event Be(grijp) je Publiek will take place during which our television series producer Idse Grotenhuis will present our new project Droom van de Jeugd. He will share his experiences with producing television series.

On Monday 01.10 from 10:00-13:00 case studies of not yet aired series will be presented during the event Be Dramatic. Idse, together with director Joram Lürsen,will present the casestudy of our new project Turbulent Skies.

Screening Schedule of our feature film Orange Fever 

Friday 28-09                22:00h            Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 2
Sunday 30-09              14:00h            Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 1
Tuesday 02-10             16.00h             Pathé Rembrandt 2