We tell stories
that need telling.

Aarsman’s Amsterdam, 1993

Topkapi is an Amsterdam-based production company dedicated to new ways of storytelling since 1994. We create television drama, feature films and nonfiction series for the international market.

From fresh voices to established names, we’re proud to be working with amazing talent from around the world on stories in any shape or form.

We’re smack in the middle of Amsterdam, so come by and share your stories that need telling.

Frans van Gestel

Producer & Founding Partner

Arnold Heslenfeld

Producer & Founding Partner

Laurette Schillings

Producer & Partner

Max de Wolf


Maudy van Bree

Head of Productions

Giancarlo Sánchez

Creative Producer

Jeroen Groot

Assistant Producer & Bookkeeping

Robert Oey

Producer Nonfiction

Jorinde Sorée

Producer Nonfiction

Linda van der Herberg

International Co-productions

Saskia van der Tas

Topkapi Production Services

Judy Maat

Line Producer

Lennart Barewijk

Financial Controller

Kirsten van der Wijk

Assistant Accountancy

Lennie van Scheppingen

Project Supervisor

Lauri Odenkirchen

Junior Legal

Roderick de Leeuw

Office Manager

Charlotte Bouman

Publicity & Marketing