15:35 Track 1

Directed by
Tim Oliehoek, Marcel Hensema

Written by
Robert-Jan Overeem, Anton Smit

Anton Smit, Frank de Jonge, BNN

Release year

74 min


15:35 Track 1 tells about a catastrophic quarrel between four pupils on a metro station in the course of which one of them, the Moroccan girl Fatima, falls in front of a train and dies. When the other three girls have been taken into custody, the question arises: Was it a racist murder or a fatal accident? According to fellow pupil Benjamin, the news coverage of the tragic event by Stadstelevisie (City TV) is so punctuated with racial prejudice that he, along with two classmates, including a sister of one of the suspects, starts searching for the truth. Using a – sometimes hidden – camera, they interview Fatima’s friends, relatives and acquaintances. The varied, documentary-like images shot by a camera, webcam or security camera, together with the recurring flashbacks, make it clear that the truth is even more shocking than was expected.