A Thousand Kisses

Directed by
Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen

Written by
Ruud Schuurman & Edward Stelder

Anton Smit, Hanneke Niens, Topkapi Films, VARA

Release year

110 min


Giph is a young writer. He is going steady with Samarinde, who is a doctor and successful model. His friends belong to the ‘young, beautiful, rich and famous’. With them Samarinda and Giph are on a holiday in La Palma. They are staying in a very luxurious villa and spend the day eating, drinking, making love and generally partying. The relationship between Giph and Samarinde is strained. Samarinda has just found out that she is pregnant and this puts even more pressure on the relationship, especially as Giph is now having doubts about his feelings for Samarinde.
While his mother Lotte was on her deathbed, being cared for by Giph and his sister Steph, Samarinda was away in Japan for a photo shoot. Just when Giph needed her most. Apart from that, Giph suspects Samarinda of sleeping with another guy in Japan.