Directed by
Esmé Lammers

Written by
Barbara Jurgens

Anton Smit, Hanneke Niens, AVRO

Release year

100 min


Lot, Sam and Reneetje have had enough of their boring lives and more or less for the fun of it decide to rob a bank. Their friend Kers, their children’s teacher, joins them. The bank robbery is a piece of cake. At last they can pay off their debts. They’re jubilant. At the same time they are aware that they all of a sudden have become criminals. This leads to all sorts of hilarious situations, but also puts a certain pressure on their friendship and their normal lives. It becomes even more complicated, when Lot finds her self in love with Achilles, the detective in charge with the police inquiry of the mysterious bank robbery. The ‘Amazons’ are now in a tight spot, but decide to risk just one other robbery in a super market before they return to their normal lives. Although the booty is enormous the robbery is a disaster. Lot, Sam, Reneetje and Kers have to run. They end up in a very luxurious hotel, waiting for Achilles and his men to catch up with them.