Directed by
Martin Koolhoven

Written by
Martin Koolhoven

Topkapi Films, Jeroen Beker, VPRO

Release year

90 min


AmnesiA is a mystery around the bizarre death of a family patriarch and his lover. Alex, a 28-year-old photographer, has difficulties focussing on his job since his father died. When he wants to photograph someone, the vision of his father’s lover appears in front of his lens. When his mother falls seriously ill, Alex visits his parental home after many years of absence. On the way he meets a mysterious girl and falls in love with her. At his mothers, Alex is confronted with his cynical and sometimes even sadistic brother Aram, involved in criminal affairs. While the mother revives during the visit, the mystery around the death of his father is uncovered.

Part of the No More Heroes series.