Directed by
Olga Chajdas

Written by
Lena Góra & Olga Chajdas

Apple Film Production in co-production with Topkapi Films, Moloko Film, CANAL+ Polska, House Media Company

Release year

113 min


IMAGO is a complex, post-punk psychological drama. It is a story about otherness, the desire for freedom, and of a woman failing to conform to the the expectations of her surroundings. Above all, however, it is a story about the deep and complicated bond between a mother and a daughter.

The story begins in Tricity in 1987 and ends in 1989 – after the first free elections in Poland. The story’s backdrop is the rebellious Tricity music scene of the late 1980s, a cultural and social phenomenon of the period and a harbinger of revolutionary changes in Poland. IMAGO is a powerful and resounding piece of cinema about the various shades of transformation that tooplace back then and a portrait of a woman unlike any other in the history of the Polish cinema.