Loonies II

Directed by
Johan Timmers

Written by
Karen van Holst Pellekaan & Martin van Waardenberg

Topkapi Films, The Storytellers Film & TV, VPRO

Release year 

81 min


Nursing home Zonnedael has been shut down by director Bomhoff: the psychiatric in-patients Bep Brul, the Major, Fats, Ms. De Haas and Dr. Doolittle  are reintroduced into society against their wishes. Nurse Ten Hoeven, who always cared for her patients with love and care, is grieving: her main purpose in life has gone. To make matters worse, she is kidnapped. Of course the patients take action immediately. Under the Major’s guidance they embark on a risky and lunatic venture, to finally discover the incredible truth behind the kidnapping.