Mission Earth II

Directed by
Tim Kamps

Written by
Nathan Vecht, Daan Windhorst & Rik van den Bos

Topkapi Films, VPRO

Release year

6 x 25 min


In this new season the crew of spaceship the Tasman not only discovers a liveable planet, but also encounters an unidentified object in space, with a living organism on board. After further research it appears to be asylum seeker/ astronaut Svetlana. What exactly is she after, how does her presence influence the mission? And in particular; how is Brechtje feeling, now that she is no longer the only woman on board?

While the ones who remain on earth anxiously await news on a new planet, the seven astronauts seem to be more concerned with some less important aspects of the space mission. Is the Netherlands, just like the rest of planet Earth, doomed to flood? Or will the astronauts succeed and discover a liveable planet after all?