Mission Earth

Directed by
Tim Kamps

Written by
Nathan Vecht, Don Duyns, Daan Windhorst & Rik van den Bos

Topkapi Films, VPRO

Release year

6 x 25 min


The year 2063. The earth is almost completely flooded because of enormous natural disasters. One country still exists because of their vast expertise on dykes and water management: The Netherlands.

In this six-part comedy series we follow seven astronauts in space with an important mission: to look for a new home planet for humankind. This mission isn’t as heroic as the ones who remain on earth may think. While the hope of mankind is focused on the seven heroes, the astronauts themselves are not always aware of this in their daily routines. They are stuck with each other all day in a space ship. Just like on every workplace, they have to deal with each others’ rarities and shortcomings, but that isn’t as easy as it sounds…