My Life On Planet B

Directed by
Iván López Núñez

Written by
Rogier de Blok & Iván López Núñez

Topkapi Films, VPRO

Release year

76 min


Neky and Eppo are best friends. They spend their time the best way they know – watching B movies and commenting on them for their video blog Eppo en Neky’s Cultcorner.  But life as a teenager is far from easy. Especially for Neky. His mother spends most days lying on the couch, his sister is a pain in the ass and his father has just found himself a new Thai girlfriend. Not to mention the fact that Eppo attracts bullies like a magnet at school. But that’s just the beginning. Neky’s life changes drastically once he starts receiving mysterious messages in a bottle, a bunch of Goth Punks arrives in the neighborhood, and Eppo becomes obsessed with a new B movie: Escape From the Planet Of Worms…