Too Fat Too Furious

Directed by
Tim Oliehoek

Written by
Jan Verheyen & Wijo Koek

Fu Works, Jeroen Beker, Topkapi Films, BNN

Release year

88 min


Bennie, a snack bar owner, is behind bars for five years after a failed attempt to rob a jewelery. When he gets out, he is unpleasantly surprised by the news that his foster father Mast is dying. And then the real son of Mast turns up: Koen a nutcase womanizer, who falls in love with the suicidal Katia. She, on her part, causes Bennie and Koen problems on their hunt for money, which they need to provide Mast with an illegal donor liver. A bank robbery gets totally out of hand and a fixed bet looses them the last of their money. Then they get one more chance: a raid on a money transport. But that doesn’t work out either.