With Great Joy

Directed by
Lodewijk Crijns

Written by
Kim van Kooten & Lodewijk Crijns

Topkapi Films, Jeroen Beker, VPRO

Release year

90 min


Luc’s brother has been gone for many years when Luc happens to find out where he is living. For mysterious reasons, Ad has disappeared and has been living in seclusion with his wife. Uninvited, Luc goes to stay with the couple for several days in their remote mountain farmhouse in the Ardennes, Belgium, where tension start to rise. When indefinable sounds keep coming from the shed, Luc sets out to investigate and stumbles across the secret that the couple have been trying to hide for years.

Part of the No More Heroes series: five young talented filmmakers were given the opportunity to make their first or second full length feature film about individuals who consciously turn their backs on society: No More Heroes provided five films that show drama, great and small, in an unexpected and characteristic way.