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CHILDHOOD DREAMS (Dutch title: DE DROOM VAN DE JEUGD), written by Marnie Blok, has been nominated for De Zilveren Krulstaarten!

De Zilveren Krulstaarten are prizes awarded to screenwriters by their peers. Nominees are selected by members of the Network Screenwriters Authors’ Association (Netwerk Scenarioschrijvers Auteursbond). With the awards, the Authors’ Association aims to generate more appreciation for screenwriters. After all, without screenwriters there would be no films or series.

CHILDHOOD DREAMS is a compelling family epic about an ordinary Dutch family, in which an unusually big secret seeps through the different generations like poison. From the tumultuous 1960s to the present, we witness how capricious and unpredictable life is for the Wander family. Against the backdrop of major historical events, we see how the original family dynamics are eventually reshaped through the family members’ struggles for freedom and resilience, leading to a new balance.

Creators Marnie Blok and Bram Schouw: “With CHILDHOOD DREAMS, we tell a timeless story. About how each generation rebels against the previous one. About patterns that repeat themselves. About how the inevitable struggle that each generation faces is essentially the same: discovering and acquiring own insights, shaping one’s own ideals, conquering freedom. CHILDHOOD DREAMS is about that fight for freedom, both on a personal level and in a larger social context.”

The screenplay is written by Marnie Blok and the series is directed by Bram Schouw and Simone van Dusseldorp. CHILDHOOD DREAMS is produced by Topkapi Series, creative producer Idse Grotenhuis, in co-production with Dutch broadcaster KRO-NCRV. The series was created thanks to the NPO fund. The full series is available on NPO Plus.

The winners will be announced on Saturday the 21st of September during the Day of the Screenplay at the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht.