In Orange

Directed by
Joram Lürsen

Written by
Frank Ketelaar

Topkapi Films, Jeroen Beker, Fu Works, Avro

Release year 

95 min


Remco (12) is a very talented and fanatic little soccer player with only one dream: to play the Dutch national team. Erik, his father, is possibly even more fanatic in coaching Remco. He always knows better, which leads to conflicts between father and son. Remco’s mother Sylvia is the one to hush up the arguments.

Remco’s world falls apart when his dad dies, but the grandma of his soccer mate Winston tries to help Remco to contact his father/coach through winti, a Surinam voodooism. Then Remco gets injured. His girlfriend Maaike, daughter of the local chemist, will try to help him to make his dream come true.