Phileine says Sorry

Directed by
Robert Jan Westdijk

Written by
Robert Jan Westdijk

Topkapi Films, Jeroen Beker, Fu Works, BNN

Release year

95 min


On impulse ‘powerbabe’ Phileine travels to New York where her boyfriend and actor Max participates in an international Shakespeare project.

Her suspicion that he is more interested in his co-star Joanne than in her drives her into the arms of Joanne’s boyfriend. In a fit of envy Phileine disturbs Max and Joanne’s intimate interpretation of Romeo and Juliet and finds herself appearing on several TV screens all over New York after giving an interview to a local news station. Her newly obtained national fame doesn’t bring her the happiness she hoped for. In the luxurious loneliness of her Waldorf Astoria hotel suite Phileine finally realizes that Max means more to her than she had ever imagined. When Max finds out about her infidelity he doesn’t want to see her again. At the last moment Phileine saves him from the grasping hands of her best friends by saying sorry at the stage of a gala night.