Annet Malherbe and Mark Rietman star in new drama series ‘Towers Of Power’

By November 24, 2017 April 30th, 2020 No Comments
Annet Malherbe and Mark Rietman will play the leading roles in the new eight- episode drama series Tower of Power by BNNVARA. Also Noortje Herlaar, Robert de Hoog, Guy Clemens and newcomers Jouman Fattel and Bram Suijker portray a group of ambitious lawyers at the Amsterdam Zuidas.

Financial scandals, pawing clients, working through nights and office drinks that get completely out of hand; behind the mirror towers on the Zuidas, a world unfolds that is only accessible to insiders. Until now. Karima Belgacem, Maria Guldenaar (pseudonym) and Rolinde Hoorntje, known as the writers collective of ZoZuidas, work together with Philip Delmaar (Penoza, Keyzer & De Boer Advocaten) in this series about the ups-and-downs of the Dutch business district. Towers of Power will air in the Spring of 2018 at BNNVARA on NPO3.

The writers of ZoZuidas began their careers at the Zuidas and started a popular blog about it in 2009. Their stories and experiences are the breeding ground for the brand new drama series: “It is fantastic that the many stories that we know and experienced are now transformed into a drama series. When you start at the Zuidas, you feel just like Jane Austin with a corporate credit card. On that square kilometre there are strict unwritten rules in which a lot of young hyper-ambitious people suppress their emotions behind a mask of status and professionalism. But secretly the central characters in this modern costume drama do have some power and the effects of what happens on the Zuidas ooze through into our society”.

Tower of Power is directed by Nicole van Kilsdonk and Aaron Rookus and is a production of Topkapi Films in collaboration with BNNVARA.

The series is developed with the support of the Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA of the European Union.