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Tension rare running high when the cast of ROYAL FAMILY THE MUSICAL gets big news: the Dutch royal couple will be coming to see the hundredth performance, which will take place in a week. Frits Lohman, the producer of the musical, is pulling out all the stops for this important show because the musical is not exactly attracting full houses and the reviews are nothing to write home about. Or is it because the musical has already caused a riot before its premiere?

The six-part comedy series, ROYAL FAMILY THE MUSICAL, takes place behind the scenes of a musical production about the Royal Family. We follow the fortunes of the cast and crew in the week before the hundredth performance of the show. The tension rises to unprecedented heights when star reporter Roel Verdonk from the showbiz tv show Studio Avenue also comes to record the preparations for a daily item during this exciting week. For example, the casting of the black actress Naomi Zwaan as Queen Máxima is discussed. Dominique Elsschot, the ambitious director, casted this musical colour-blind, but that is not all: there is more, much more going on. The world behind the scenes turns out to be a lot less rosy and glamorous than the one on stage. When the big day of the hundredth performance of ROYAL FAMILY THE MUSICAL arrives, the mood changes completely when Studio Avenue makes a very shocking revelation. Will the cast still be able to focus on the important performance after this news or will everything go completely wrong? One thing is certain: the show must go on…

The cast features actors like: Noortje Herlaar, Sarah Janneh, Henk Poort, Valentijn Benard, Robbert van den Bergh, Beppie Melissen, Daniel Cornelissen, Kok-Hwa Lie and Marcel Hensema.

The series is based on an idea and written and directed by Diederik Ebbinge. ROYAL FAMILY THE MUSICAL is a production of Topkapi Series in coproduction with broadcaster AVROTROS.

The series can be seen from March 24th at 8:20 pm on NPO3 and NPO Plus.