Little Black Spiders premieres at the Netherlands Film Festival

By August 22, 2012 June 18th, 2020 No Comments
The Flemish-Dutch co production Little black Spiders by director Patrice Toye will have its premiere on 4 October at the 32nd edition of the Netherlands Film Festival.

The story takes place in Belgium, 1978. A secret place: a hospital attic where pregnant teenage girls can wait to have their babies in secret. Katja, Roxy, and a group of other lively girls are too young for love and nearly mothers. Some want to put this mistake behind them as quickly as possible, but Katja, herself an orphan, has very different ideas; she looks forward to her baby intensely. In the attic, the girls share good times and bad, establish close friendships and try to distract themselves in an imaginary world of careless dreams and mysterious games during the long, long wait. Until their world falls apart. Suddenly, Katja becomes painfully aware of the plans that are being made behind her back, and she is determined not to let any of it happen to either her or her baby.

Little Black Spiders is inspired by a true story.

The film will be realeased by Cineart on 11 October