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With no less than 2 premieres, Topkapi had a magnificent opening weekend at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht and, as the icing on the cake, has received a total of 6 Golden Calf nominations.

On Saturday, the new drama series SANTOS premiered. The thrilling series from BNNVARA, in which the love couple Glenn and Yola are under pressure from the Rotterdam underworld, was shown at Kinepolis Jaarbeurs for its own cast and crew and special guests from the film and music world. The leading roles in the series are played by Yannick Jozefzoon, Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing, and Romana Vrede, and it also features sparkling debut roles for Vic9, Masèsè Macnack, Sarita Lorena, Naomi Sharon, and Ron Helena (Heinek’n). The cast members together form a beautiful ensemble of talent that transformed Kinepolis into a veritable fashion event on the red carpet. SANTOS will be available from November 9th on NPO3 and NPO Plus and Start.

Sunday was dedicated to two events: the premiere of MOCKED UP, the drama series written and directed by Eva Crutzen for BNNVARA, and the Golden Calf nominations.

At the Stadsschouwburg, cast and crew members, press, and special guests were able to see Eva Crutzen’s series in its entirety for the first time. In the six-part TV series MOCKED UP, we follow the destructive life of 37-year-old Cat. People around her are worried. Cat is not. Due to a major loss within the family, which is hardly ever talked about, there is barely a family left. Her mother has constant panic attacks. Her father has become a self-proclaimed coach focused on writing self-help books. Meanwhile, just about everyone around Cat is reproducing, getting promotions, and settling down. While they all seem to be hysterically trying to be seen, she does everything she can to disappear as much as possible. Disappear into the night, underwater, into her own mind.

On Sunday, six nominations were also awarded for the Golden Calves.

Dana Nechushtan’s PIECE OF MY HEART is nominated for Production Design (Minka Mooren) and Costume Design (Bernadette Corstens).

The drama series CHILDHOOD DREAMS has a chance to win a Golden Calf in the categories of Best Drama Series (Idse Grotenhuis, Marnie Blok, Bram Schouw, Frans van Gestel, Simone van Dusseldorp) and Best Supporting Role in a Drama Series for Gustav Borreman.

Eva Crutzen has a chance to win a Golden Calf for Best Leading Role in a Drama Series thanks to her role in MOCKED UP.

SANTOS is also nominated for a Golden Calf for Best Drama Series (Giancarlo Sánchez, Chris Westendorp, Ashar Medina, Ivan Barbosa, Laurette Schillings).

On Friday, September 29th, the Golden Calves will be presented at the Stadsschouwburg during the Netherlands Film Festival.