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WIL, the latest film of Belgian filmmaker Tim Mielants, based on the beloved bestselling novel by Jeroen Olyslaegers, is now playing in Dutch cinemas!

WIL tells the story of two young Belgian police officers in 1942’s occupied Antwerp. They are forced to participate in the manhunt for Jews in their city, but at the same time, they support the resistance. Amid all the chaos and violence, love blossoms: one of the officers, Wil, falls head over heels for the charms of his partners sister. A conflicting cocktail of emotions brings him to the brink of the abyss. Because how do you simultaneously save yourself, your loved ones and the Jews from the clutches of the occupier?

The reviews are in and the media agrees on the still very relevant message the film has: the line between right and wrong during wartime is very murky.

Dutch newspaper awarded WIL four out of five stars, lauding the “sharp moral dilemma” the film portrays, making the viewer wonder: what would I have done during wartime, collaborate with the enemy or join the resistance?

VPRO Cinema also awarded WIL with four stars, as did, newspaper Nederlands Dagblad and

Movie website even rewarded Mielants wartime film with a whopping 4,5 stars.

In all reviews, the strong visuals of the film are praised, as are the strong narrative and acting. “WIL grabs you by the throat”, concludes

WIL was written by Carl Joos and Tim Mielants, who also directed the film. The film was produced Lecter Scripted Media, Menuetto, Les Films du Fleuve and coproduced by Arnold Heslenfeld, Laurette Schillings, and Frans van Gestel of Topkapi Films and was made possible with the support of the Dutch Film Fund (Production Incentive). Topkapi also previously coproduced Tim Mielants’ debut film, DE PATRICK. Paradiso Filmed Entertainment is distributing WIL in Dutch cinemas.