Boy Meets Girl Again selected for Telefilm

By March 16, 2016 May 22nd, 2020 No Comments
Topkapi Films got selected for the Telefilm development stage with the project of Johan Fretz and Nicole van Kilsdonk.

Boy meets Girl again by writer Johan Fretz and director Nicole van Kilsdonk was selected by KRO-NCRV television. In the film Lucas travels to Berlin, the current hipster paradise of hedonism, to work on his Great Dutch Novel. When he encounters Lena (an old lover), everything changes. What follows is a night in which Lucas and Lena wander through Berlin together and evaluate the past few years. The years from childhood to maturity. They look at the situation regarding their expectations for the future, now that the future has already commenced.

This year the Telefilm commission received 74 applications, 12 projects were selected for further development. Telefilms are Dutch films, made for public broadcasting. The Telefilm project started in 1998 and since then almost 100 Telefilms has been produced and broadcasted.  Every year 6 Telefilms are realized. The Telefilms are realized with financial support of OCW and CoBO.