Bumperkleef selected for Dutch Crossover production grant

Bumperkleef, the new feature film by Lodewijk Crijns, is selected as Dutch Crossover – a €800.000 production grant by the Netherlands Film Fund.

Logline A self-confident man, on his way – together with his family – to his parents on the other side of the country – causes a traffic fight with another driver, who, in revenge, starts to follow the family and confronts Hans with his ego. As Hans starts to lose control of his family, Ed pushes him until nothing but the fearful, vulnerable child he once was remains.

Topkapi Films produces the film, in coproduction with AVROTROS.

Lodewijk Crijns made in 1999 Jesus is a Palestinian (Jezus is een Palestijn). The film was nominated for a Tiger Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Together with the people of Topkapi Crijns directed With great Joy (Met grote blijdschap) in 2001, television films Loverly (2003) and Heat (Hitte/Harara, 2008). In 2011 Crijns directed the box office hit Only Decent People (Alleen maar nette mensen), that reached more than 325.000 visitors.


With Dutch Crossover the Netherlands Film Fund supports the production of auteur films with cultural value, who got the potential to attract a crossover audience and to distinguish internationally. A previously supported film is Layla M. by Mijke de Jong (screenplay: Jan Eilander and Mijke de Jong, producer: Topkapi Films), the Dutch Academy Award entry for this year.