Chantal Janzen joins cast of The Longing

By March 18, 2016 May 22nd, 2020 No Comments
Chantal Janzen, known for her roles in Alles is Liefde, Soof and Divorce, will play one of the main parts in the comedy The Longing (original title: Het Verlangen).

Also Gijs Naber, Alex Klaasen, Jelka van Houten, Bram van der Vlugt, Anne-Wil Blankers, Peter Bolhuis, Cynthia Abma and Jochum ten Haaf will be part of the cast. The scenario is written by Frank Ketelaar; Joram Lürsen will be directing the film.

About The Longing

When the very attractive Brigitte shows up at publisher Goudemondt with a horrible manuscript, the brothers Marc and Boudewijn (directors of the ailing family-publisher) sense possibilities. With their eye on the media they make her switch roles with an unsightly and stuttering author of a literary masterpiece. The trick works; the book becomes both artistically and financially a huge success, but the initial agreement between all parties overturns into a bitter strife for acknowledgement. To the heat of the battle fall many victims, but eventually Brigitte and Marc will find each other.

The film will be released in Dutch cinemas Spring 2017. Principal photography starts in April 2016.