Elise Schaap, Pierre Bokma, Maarten Heijmans and Stefan Rokebrand starring In My Father Is An Airplaine

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This week the shooting of the feature film MY FATHER IS AN AIRPLANE, the film adaptation of Antoinette Beumer’s book of the same name, has started. Beumer is the first director in the Netherlands to direct a film based on a book written by herself. The film centers around 40-year old Eva, played by Elise Schaap. The other main characters are played by Pierre Bokma, Maarten Heijmans and Stefan Rokebrand. The feature film is expected to be in Dutch cinemas in the fall of 2020.


When Eva’s mother unexpectedly dies, the life of Eva turns out to be built on secrets and lies. The fear of losing her mind, just like her father, becomes more and more threatening and Eva starts a quest for her past to face her demons.

Elise Schaap (UNDERCOVER, APRIL, MAY AND JUNE) plays the part of Eva. Pierre Bokma, (TONIO, BANKIER VAN HET VERZET) plays the role of her father, Maarten Heijmans (RAMSES, WAT IS DAN LIEFDE) plays the younger version of Eva’s father. Peter, Eva’s husband, is played by Stefan Rokebrand (SMERIS). The script of the film is written by Maaik Krijgsman and the shooting of the film will take place until the beginning of March.

Antoinette Beumer: “My debut novel was published exactly two years ago and the fact that we can already start shooting now is just incredible, definitely with the amazing cast and crew that we have around us. We really couldn’t wait to get started. This is going to be the most personal film that I have ever made, which makes everything even more exciting.”

Elise Schaap: “I’m really looking forward to be part of this film, to discover a genre that is entirely new to me and to be in a role that I’ve never played before.”

The debut novel MY FATHER IS AN AIRPLANE was published in 2018 by Lebowski. The book received many great reviews and won the Hebban Debut award in 2018. Besides that the book was nominated for De Bronzen Uil, which is a Belgian award for best Dutch debut novel of the year.