Four Golden Calf nominations for Topkapi Films and many more to watch at the festival

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We are proud to announce that our feature film God Only Knows has received four Golden Calf nominations in the following categories:

  • Best Film
  • Best Actor (Marcel Musters)
  • Best Actress (Elsie de Brauw)
  • Best Actress (Monic Hendrickx)

Friday 29 September The Netherlands Film Festival will start with our feature film Instinct as its opening film. In total Topkapi Films will be represented by 6 films what wil screen during the festival:

Friday 27/09/2019                         21:30h                     Pathé Rembrandt 1
Friday 27/09/2019                         21:45h                     Pathé Rembrandt 2
Friday 27/09/2019                         22:00h                    Pathé Rembrandt 3
Saturday 28/09/2019                    19:00h                     Louis Hartlooper Complex 2
Sunday 29/09/2019                       10:00h                     Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 12
Sunday 29/09/2019                       10:30h                     Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 7
Monday 30/09/2019                      12:30h                     Pathé Rembrandt 1
Friday 04/10/2019                          10:00h                    Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 13

Monday 30/09/2019                       19:00h                    Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 7
Tuesday 01/10/2019                        22:00h                    Pathé Rembrandt 1
Wednesday 02/10/2019                  16:00h                    Pathé Rembrandt 1

God Only Knows
Monday 30/09/2019                      13:30h                      Pathé Rembrandt 2
Tuesday 010/10/2019                    16:30h                      Louis Hartlooper Complex 5

De Patrick
Saturday 28/09/2019                      14:00h                    Louis Hartlooper Complex 1

Centraal – Afua
Sunday 29/09/2019                          14:30h                    Pathé Rembrandt 1
Wednesday 02/10/2019                   22:00h                   Pathé Rembrandt 1

Tuesday 01/10/2019                         19:00h                    Pathé Rembrandt 1
Wednesday 02/10/2019                   16:00h                   Pathé Rembrandt 3
Thursday 03/10/2019                       09:15h                    Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 7
Friday 04/10/2019                            13:00h                    Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 1

Bears Love Me! will screen at the festival as part of the education program.

The Golden Calf Awards will be announced October 4th, during the gala of the Netherlands Film Festival.