Gameboy wins Topkapi Films Fiction Award

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Monday June 30th, the awards for the graduation films 2014 of the Netherlands Film Academy (NFA) were announced during the Keeping an Eye festival at the EYE Film Institute. Gameboy won the Topkapi Films Fiction Award.

The jury was unanimous on the film by director Giancarlo Sánchez. Gameboy is a film on four friends graduating from high school. In an impulse they decide to steal the school exams. When they sell the exams the group becomes reckless. (Trailer)

Jury report: “In Gameboy everything fell into place: the excellent screenplay, the clear editing, the natural acting. We all got sucked into the world of this true rat pack, also by the virtuous directing in which the style was reinforcing the story. This group of actors get all space in a strong present-day plot, that tells at the same time an universal story on youthful indiscretion and losing innocence.”

(jury: Halina Reijn, Lodewijk Crijns, Joppe van Hulzen, Laurette Schillings, Hedwig Agterbos)

Gameboy is made by Giancarlo Sánchez (director) and Joeri Kloppert (screenplay). The film is supported by KRO-NCRV.

producers Sarah Dierckx, Marten van Warmerdam
cinematographer Christian Schut
gaffer Nina Badoux
production design Nicole Kroes
art direction Andrea van der Kolk
sound Freek Huijs
sound design, mixage Kamila Wójcik
editor Berend Boneschansker
composer Lenny Altgenug
with Thijs Boermans, Tobias Kersloot, Tarik Moree, Sjeng Kessels.

Winner of the Golden Gate Commercial Award was Tableau Vivant. Noord Oost Hard West won the VPRO Documentary Award.

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