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Idse Grotenhuis, currently positioned as Creative Producer at Talpa Fiction, will be joining Topkapi Films as drama producer from May 1.

The Amsterdam based production company has been expanding their focus towards high-end television drama for a while now. Several series in development have now reached the next steps of financing and production. Grotenhuis will be fulfilling an important role within these steps.
Next to that, Topkapi sees opportunities for the future, when it comes to hybrid forms of drama-documentary where Grotenhuis will be of great value.

Grotenhuis and Topkapi Films have worked with each other before. Being part of IDTV, Frans van Gestel, Arnold Heslenfeld and Laurette Schillings have already worked with Grotenhuis on different productions such as Lijn 32, Volgens Robert, Mixed up, short films and One Night Stand productions.

Frans van Gestel: “We exist more than 5 years already. Topkapi has recently been developing several high-end drama series, because it suits the stories we want to tell, but also because especially tv-drama has been developing and new ways of storytelling are emerging.
This is why we had to start looking for an experienced drama producer, and that’s how we got reattached to Idse Grotenhuis. We are very excited about our collaboration with this advanced producer.”

Topkapi Films is founded by Frans van Gestel, Arnold Heslenfeld and Laurette Schillings. Since 1996 they have produced over 90 feature films and drama projects, under which LOVE IS ALL, THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN, BLACK BUTTERFLIES, A NOBLE INTENTION, THE COMMUNE, LAYLA M and recently THE LONGING. As of 2014, Topkapi Films has been developing several drama productions, such as MISSION EARTH I and II. Together with Grotenhuis they will be striving to produce successful drama productions for the Dutch and International market.