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In the new drama series ‘Santos’ the loving couple Glenn (Yannick Jozefzoon) and Yola (Yootha Wong Loi-Sing) are trying to build a life together in Rotterdam. Although they both want to pursue their dreams, they find themselves caught between their own ambitions and their criminal friends and family. Aspiring chef Glenn is drawn into the world of dealing by his best friend Jermaine (Vic9), while non-profit entrepreneur Yola conflicts with her ruthless criminal mother (Romana Vrede), who seizes power in the Rotterdam harbor. Yola and Glenn try to make the right choices separately and together in a world that looks at them through colored glasses. But what is the right choice when it comes to family, friends, and love? The choices become increasingly complex, and the consequences grow larger. Will this drive Glenn and Yola apart, or is their love indestructible? ‘Santos’ will air every Thursday at 8:30 PM starting from November 9th on BNNVARA on NPO 3 and NPO Start. All episodes will also be available for streaming on NPO Plus from that date.

‘Santos’ is directed by Giancarlo Sánchez (known for ‘Mocro Maffia’) and Ivan Barbosa (known for ‘Cabo’). The script is written by Chris Westendorp (known for ‘Penoza’) and Ashar Medina (known for ‘Tom Adelaar’ and ‘Mocro Maffia’). The series is set entirely in vibrant Rotterdam, a city where the cliché, even for the characters, is not an empty phrase: actions speak louder than words.

Cast in addition to the main actors Yannick Jozefzoon, Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing, and Romana Vrede, the cast of ‘Santos’ includes established names like John Buijsman, Kiefer Zwart, and Jack Wouterse. The series also features shining debut performances from artists Vic9 (Quivaughn Joel Jordan), Sarita Lorena, Mashe Macnack, Naomi Sharon, Heinek’N (Ron Helena), and Adison Dos Reis.

‘Santos’ is a co-production of BNNVARA and Topkapi Series. The first glimpses of the series will be shown at the NPO Season Opening on Tuesday, August 29th. On Saturday, September 23rd, ‘Santos’ will premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival, where the series has also been selected for the Golden Calf competition.