Kim van Kooten and Alex Klaasen in first Dutch science fiction comedy

By September 4, 2014 June 2nd, 2020 No Comments
In August Topkapi Films started the shooting of the very first Dutch science fiction comedy Mission Earth (O.T. Missie Aarde).

The leading parts will be played by Kim van Kooten, Alex Klaasen, Wart Kamps, Raymond Thiry, Leo Alkemade, Lykele Muus and Fabian Jansen. The director is Tim Kamps.

It is the year 2063. The earth is almost entirely flooded because of the melting of the ice caps and other enormous natural disasters.  So far the Netherlands have been spared. Seven Dutch astronauts traveling in their space ship through the universe have only one goal: finding a new home planet for mankind, before the earth actually disappears into the sea. While the survivors on earth are waiting desperately for positive news from the mission, the astronauts seem to be occupied with more insignificant matters which add some colour to their monotone existence aboard the ship. Like in any other workplace, they have to live with each others peculiarities, shortcomings and inabilities, but this will not happen automatically.

Mission Earth will be shown on NPO 3 from January 2015 onwards.

Idea/director: Tim Kamps
Script: Nathan Vecht, Don Duyns, Daan Windhorst and Rik van den Bos
Production: Topkapi Films in coproduction with VPRO