My Life on Planet B premieres at Netherlands Film Festival

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My Life on Planet B, the feature film debut of director Iván López Núñez, will have its premiere at the 32nd Netherlands Film Festival. Serge Price, Rik Wezenberg, Alix Adams and Raymond Thiry play the main parts. The screenplay is written by Rogier de Blok and by Iván López Núñez.


Neky and Eppo are best friends. They spent their time the best way they know – watching B-movies and commenting on them for their video blog: Eppo en Neky’s Cultcorner.  But life as a teenager is far from easy. Especially for Neky, his mother spends most days lying on the couch, his sister is a pain in the ass and his father has just found himself a new Thai girlfriend. Not to mention the fact that Eppo is a magnet at attracting bullies at school. But that’s only the beginning – Neky’s life changes drastically once he starts receiving mysterious messages in a bottle, a bunch of Gothic-Punks arrives in the neighborhood, and Eppo becomes obsessively fascinated with a new B-movie – “Escape from the planet of worms”…

Iván López Núñez was born in Spain and moved to the Netherlands in 2003. With his NFTVA graduation film Barbosa (2007)  he got nominated at the Netherlands Film Festival for a Golden Calf. He directed the VPRO series Sterke Verhalen uit Zoutvloed (Cinekid Jury Award), the short film Pijn (selection Clermont-Ferrand Festival) and recently the Van God Los-episode ‘Weekendverlof’.

My Life on Planet B is produced by Topkapi Films, in coproduction with the VPRO, part of the Oversteek project by Netherlands Film Fund, Media Fund, CoBO Fund.