Post Tenebras Lux shown at Toronto IFF

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Topkapi Films co production Post Tenebras Lux, directed by Carlos Reygadas, is selected for the Wavelengths at the Toronto International Filmfestival 2012.

Wavelengths consists of ‘daring, visionary and autonomous voices. Films that expand our notions of cinema’.

Post Tenebras Lux is a semi-autobiographical film about feelings, memories, dreams, things the director has hoped for, fears, facts of his current life. Reygadas has described it as a work where “reason will intervene as little as possible, like an expressionist painting where you try to express what you’re feeling through the painting rather than depict what something looks like.

Post Tenebras Lux is produced by Mantarraya in co production with Topkapi Films, Le Pacte, ARTE and The Match Factory.

The film will be shown on Wednesday September 12th, Thursday September 13th and Sunday  September 16th.