Shit Happens selected for Telescoop production grant

Shit Happens (working title), the new film by screenwriter Marnie Blok and director Anna van der Heide, got selected for the Dutch Telescoop production funding. The Telescoop initiative, which reunites the Netherlands Film Fund, the CoBO Fund and the Dutch public broadcasting organization, has awarded the film with €1.8 million euro.

Telescoop’s aim is to provide production support for quality Dutch films that have the potential to reach a large audience.


Shit Happens

Director: Anna van der Heide

Scenario: Marnie Blok

Producer: Topkapi Films, Frans van Gestel, Arnold Heslenfeld, Laurette Schillings, in co-production with Menuetto Film, Hans Everaert

Broadcaster: BNNVARA

Distributor: September Film

Logline: When they are confronted with the disease of the pater familias, all members of the Liefhebber family have to face their fears, faults and their troubled interrelationships.