Short Film by Beri Shalmashi starts filming in Erbil

By May 1, 2016 May 22nd, 2020 No Comments
The filming of the short film Shouted From the Rooftops will start upcoming weekend, in the city of Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Shouted From the Rooftops from director Beri Shalmashi is a five minute film, in which we follow Ferhat, whose life has been demolished during the war in his city.

On the top of the roof, Ferhat is waiting for Sherin’s return, the love of his life, who has gone to fight at the front line. However, his environment keeps telling him he should escape.

The main part of the film is played by the German-Kurdish actor Ismail Zagros. The Dutch-Turkish actrice Gonca Karasu also plays an important part.

Shouted from the Rooftops is produced by Topkapi Films. The film is sponsored and made possible with the help of more than 150 individuals via Cinecrowd and with the Refugee Foundation Netherlands as one of the main sponsors. 3Lab from the NPO is one of the partners (EO).