SON Selected For Talent Development Program “De Straat”

De Straat replaces the talent development program: One Night Stand and last years Centraal. In this six-part drama series, every episode will be created by a different team of directors, screenwriters and producers. The episodes will all be stand-alone projects, but they all have one thing in common: they all live in the same street and have the same courier service. During the writing process of De Straat, the teams work as a group under directions of Mart Dominicus to tie the six screenplays together.

When LOIS (26) and her son JEREMY (11), who was removed by social services, are allowed to spend their first night together after a year of separation, they try to find each other again. Within forty-eight hours their arduous search results in the fact that their love is unconditional, but reality catches up with them.

SON is written and will be directed by Ashgan El-Hamus.

The film will be produced in co-production with NTR, BNNVARA and VPRO and will premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival 2021.