Start of film shoot Kidnap

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In July the film shoot of Kidnap started, starring Martin van Waardenberg (The Marathon, Loonies II), Steven Van Watermeulen (Dorsvloer vol confetti), Katrien van Beurden (The Resurrection of a Bastard), Teun Stokkel (The New World), Ruth Becquart (Smoorverliefd) and Marcel Musters (Penoza).

Kidnap – Bo’s most exciting holiday ever is a family film directed by Diederik Ebbinge (Matterhorn) and written by Karen van Holst Pellekaan (Loonies II, Cool kids don’t cry) and tells the story of a rich kid who has everything he ever wished for except the attention and love of his parents. Until he gets kidnapped and unexpectedly builds up a friendship with his clumsy kidnapper.

Diederik Ebbinge on the script: “After Matterhorn I have read many different scripts, but none of them made my heart beat any faster until I read Kidnap, and I immediately wanted to direct this film. It’s a funny, cool, exciting and moving story about a boy who gets kidnapped, but eventually, together with his kidnapper, will have the adventure of his life time. It’s an honor and joy to direct this script of Karen van Holst Pellekaan”.
Producer Frans van Gestel adds: “With Kidnap, Karen van Holst Pellekaan has once again succeeded in writing an exiting adventure film for the whole family and with Diederik Ebbinge as director we are ensured of the emotional roller coaster we had in mind for so long”.

Kidnap is a production by Topkapi Films and The Storytellers Film & TV in coproduction with Menuet (Belgium), Mona Film Produktion (Austria) and KRO-NCRV. The film is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund, Netherlands Filmproduction Incentive, CoBO fund, Screen Flanders and the Tax Shelter via Favourite.

Kidnap will have its release in Spring 2015.