Tailgate at genre film festival Amsterdamned

By October 30, 2019 January 30th, 2020 No Comments
During the fourth edition of the genre film festival Amsterdamned, on Friday the 25th of October in filmtheatre Kriterion, the sneak preview of the film TAILGATE (o.t. BUMPERKLEEF) takes place. The new film by Lodewijk Crijns with main parts for Anniek Pheifer and Jeroen Spitzenberger. Lodewijk Crijns will be attending the screening to introduce the film and give a Q&A afterwards. The world premiere of TAILGATE took place during the past edition of the Netherlands Film Festival and was received with open arms.

A thriller about a maniac that keeps driving on the left lane to provoke other drivers, of course this calls for a comparison to Steven Spielberg’s DUEL. But as American as DUEL is with its great landscapes and dusty roads, as Dutch is TAILGATE. Another difference: TAILGATE takes on a road Spielberg never dared to take. This new film by Lodewijk Crijns spares no one, children and the elderly included. The biggest similarity between these two films is not the highway, but the fact that in both films, we can see the work of directors that both master their arts. According to Jan Doense, initiator and organizer of Amsterdamned, TAILGATE is the best genre film he’s seen in many years.

Amsterdamned was called to life by Jan Doense as a tribute to Dick Maas, The Netherlands’ very own genre filmmaker. Within the past years, the mini festival of fantastic films, opened with screenings of features by Dick Maas. This year due to several coincidences, Amsterdamned is featuring a ‘special edition’ of one day with five feature films, as well as five short films by Dick Maas.

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