TAILGATE sold to multiple territories

TAILGATE, the exhilarating highway thriller by director Lodewijk Crijns, has already been sold to France, Germany, Russia, Taiwan, Australia, Japan and South-Korea, where the film will be shown in the coming year. Producer Laurette Schillings is elated: “The fact that this film is now reaching an international audience after receiving such praise in The Netherlands, is a wonderful gift”. TAILGATE has already been hailed as the best Dutch film of 2019 by the Dutch press. The film, starring Jeroen Spitzenberger, Anniek Pheifer and Willem de Wolf, is now available on DVD and video-on-demand platforms.

Hans, a self-confident and somewhat stubborn man, travels the country with his family to visit his parents. They left the house too late. While driving on the highway Hans starts to tailgate a white van that is driving the exact speed limit. When the cars stop Ed, the driver of the van, confronts Hans on his moral compass and more particularly on his responsibility as a father. The proud Hans refuses to be lectured by a stranger and Ed refuses to be silenced by him. Out of revenge, Ed starts to follow the family. This results in a rapidly escalating situation. The family is nowhere safe anymore and is becoming more and more paranoid of every white van they come across on the road.

After its premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival the film was highly praised by all newspapers.

Trouw – “Tailgate deserves all the praise. The film is a well-aimed fantasy of revenge..”

Hp detijd – “Renowned filmmaker Crijns makes “Tailgate” really stand out from the crowd.”

Parool – “Tailgate: horror tour in a fantastic genre movie.”

De Volkskrant – “Interesting how Crijns tries to transform ordinary Dutch landscapes into a horror decor, even in broad daylight..”

VPROCINEMA – “Very thrilling and entertaining”

NRC – “Extraordinary accomplished Dutch horror”

AD – “Tailgate is a well-accomplished film, one of the smartest films in years by a Dutch director. The combinations of hilarity, traffic frustrations and tension work perfectly.”

Telegraaf – “Pulse-pounding highway thriller”

Tailgate is directed and written by multiple Golden Calf winner Lodewijk Crijns. His previous work includes the films Alleen maar nette mensen, Met Grote Blijdschap and Kankerlijers. The film is produced by Topkapi Films in coproduction with Savage Film and AVROTROS. The Canadian Attraction Distribution is handling the international sales and Dutch distributor Splendid Film released the film in the theatres in autumn 2019. Tailgate was realized with the support of The Netherlands Film Fund, the Netherlands Film Production Incentive and CoBO.