received well by Dutch media

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TAILGATE (o.t. Bumperkleef), a film by director, writer and multiple Golden Calf winner Lodewijk Crijns received positive reviews from the Dutch media. We have collected some quotes.

Trouw “Bumperkleef deserves all the praise. The film is a well-aimed fantasy of revenge.”

“As a portrait of a socially successful man in his 40’s, that has his ducks in a row and thinks that with his huge car, he’s permitted to misbehave, Bumperkleef deserves all the praise. This film is a well-aimed fantasy of revenge.”

Hpdetijd “Renowned filmmaker Crijns makes “Bumperkleef” really stand out from the crowd.”

Parool: “Bumperkleef: horror tour in a fantastic genre movie.”

De Volkskrant:Interesting how Crijns tries to transform ordinary Dutch landscapes into a horror decor, even in broad daylight.”

VPROCINEMA:Very thrilling and entertaining.”

NRC:Extraordinary accomplished Dutch horror.”

AD:Bumperkleef is a well-accomplished film, one of the smartest films in years by a Dutch director. The combination of hilarity, traffic frustrations and tension works perfectly.”

Telegraaf:Pulse-pounding highway thriller.”